Conversation is a post grunge psychedelic rock band that creates their progressive music with a completely collaborative approach. Thick, pronounced electric undertones dance beneath shrills of cresting melodies and rhythms.

"Oakland’s Conversation are gearing up to release their debut LP Take Care of Me but a single spin of the album’s 11 tracks would lead one to believe that they’ve been doing this thing for years. With a penchant for clever and unrestricted guitar lines and a constantly coaxing bass, the band sounds like the impatient offspring of Television who spent their days on a steady diet of every notable pop, rock and progressive group derived from the last 3 decades since the release of that pioneering art-rock band’s final album, Adventure There’s strong resemblance to the late Ambulance LTD. just based on the collaborative strength of the songwriting alone. Life near the California coast has given them an affinity for surf-tinged, booming guitar work (from Kameron Johnson) and lush Rhodes-inspired keys (by Erik Freeman). Paired with stream of consciousness falsetto from bassist/vocalist Philip Bergstrom and ever shifting drums from Kevin Figueroa, the songs feel incredibly complete and expansive; a headier version of the perfect Summer long player." - SSG Music, Androo Meyers 

"Featuring former members of Sunburns, Tokyo Death March, and It's An Icicle, Conversation takes everything that was great about those bands (phenomenal power pop, instrumental beauty, and inventive rhythms) and adds fat dollops of psychedelia to create the exquisitely crafted Take Care of Me..." 
- Spanspeck Festival 2015